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Hello, hello! 👋 Welcome to Moving Through, a newsletter and community about midlife, marriage, parenting adult children, and how to keep moving forward through it all. Subscribe for essays, interviews, and resources from me, Heather Johnson Durocher.

I am feeling ready for new beginnings and fresh starts (thank goodness for these life occurrences).

Moving Through — verb. make a passage or journey from one place to another.

I’m on a journey. I’m thinking you are, too.

Trails near my house. Spending time walking and running these paths always center me.

We may have gotten to know each other virtually or in real life through Michigan Runner Girl, my longtime blog, podcast, and community that’s been behind a number of events for women with a passion for movement and the outdoors.

Or, maybe we’ve known each other through my years as a travel, health, and wellness journalist.

It’s possible you’ve just stumbled upon me, my work, and this little corner of the internet and we don’t yet know each other—I hope to change that!

However you’ve come to be here and learning more about Moving Through, please know that it’s so, so good to have you here and I am extremely thankful for your interest.

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Moving Through is an ad- and affiliate-free community1, supported entirely by readers and listeners. The content I am sharing here is not something I take lightly—I am putting my heart into it, as well as my time, and I believe good writing is something to value. (Side note: there are so many amazingly talented writers here on Substack and I will continue to recommend those I’m following and loving on my home page—please check them out!).

After many years of contributing as a freelance writer and editor to numerous publications, both well-known and not so well known, I am especially excited to be writing in way that allows more direct connection with readers—you!—and writing about the people, places, things, and experiences that mean a lot to me, and I hope, to you as well.

Here’s what I provide for all subscribers:

  • Personal essays on: midlife, parenting young adults, running and other forms of exercise and outdoor movement, marriage, and more.

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A little more about me

I am an award-winning journalist with 25+ years experience creating and producing content for print, digital, audio and visual channels including newspapers, magazines, websites, social media, video, and podcasts. Throughout my career, I’ve worked as a daily newspaper reporter and editor, website publisher, book contributor, communications manager, content marketing specialist, PR and media manager, speaker, and promoter and planner of events focused on women, movement, and the outdoors. Above all, I am a storyteller and lover of words, admirer of great writing and good books, fan of charcuterie, and passionate person in favor of ditching work and escaping to the beach (Lakes Michigan and Superior are my favorites) whenever possible and absolutely on Fridays during the summer in northern Michigan.

What I would also like you to know about me is that I’m figuring it out, that I’ve lived through some pretty shitty stuff, and I would rather connect that disengage, most of the time. I love and unabashedly adore my family and being a mom of three (mostly) grown kids and a partner, and I’m continually trying my hardest to be a strong, confident, humble, and giving human. I am flawed in really embarrassing and awful ways. I’ve completely fucked up in ways I want to talk about but I’m not sure I can (but I’ve dipped my toes in this water and will keep doing so). I want to be my best self. For me, and for others. I believe we need to keep showing up and keep moving forward, as best as we can and in the ways that makes sense for us individually.

This is me. No apologies. Here I am. I am embarking on something new. I am excited.

I love this picture of me because the sun is on my face and I’m at Lake Michigan. It was a chilly, early spring day.

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Thank you again for your support. It really means a lot to me.


Moving Through is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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Writer, dreamer, mother, believer in big + beautiful things, lover of all that is real, honest, and kind. A walk in the woods and along the shore, a good book, and great food and company, cures all. A Great Lakes beach is the best place in the world.